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Good news, great news

Thank you for your support and kindness. On the occasion of the Canton Fair, in order to further promote cooperation between the two sides, our company has decided to implement the following preferential policies for customers:

1. For battery orders amounting to US$10,000, the company give you US$500 solar panel and cash coupons amount is US$500.(Next each 10000 usd battery order time return 100USD ) 

2. For battery orders over $50,000, We will give you a sample of the wind and solar complementary system for $500,00, and return the value of $2500,00 ,By next time order. (Next each 50000 usd battery order time return cash coupons 500usd.Total five times)

This Promotion event time from 2019-04-01 to 2019-05-01.

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