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GEL Salt battery 12V150AH


Advantages of Silica Gel Salt Batteries

1. Silica gel salt battery has very strong discharge ability at high current, which reflects the important index of manufacturing technology, and is also the basic quality requirement for automobile battery.

2. The CCA value of small size silica gel battery is more than 10 times its rated capacity, medium size is 8-10 times, and large size is 6-8 times. The CCA value of ordinary lead-acid batteries is only 4-6 times of their rated capacity.

3. Long service life, guaranteed life of 24 months.

4. Silica gel salt batteries can be charged quickly with high current and 0.1-0.3C current. The charging time can be greatly shortened.

5. Charging and discharging have no memory. Silicon salt batteries can be charged in high voltage or low voltage areas without memory. (The so-called memory effect: that is to say, the battery seems to remember the user's daily charging and discharging amplitude and mode, it is very difficult to change this mode over time, can not do a large charge and discharging again). The low-voltage area of lead-acid batteries has memory.

6. Non-charge storage time is long (self-discharge is small), liquid storage time of silicon salt battery can reach more than 12 months, storage for more than 12 months can start.

7. The internal resistance of silica gel salt battery is low, only about 1/10 of lead-acid battery. Expert analysis: Why is the internal resistance of silica gel salt battery so low? It is believed to be caused by the electrolyte of "silicon alloy salt".

8. Silica gel salt battery has very strong electric recovery ability.

9. Electrolyte: Silicon can use composite silicate electrolyte, lead acid is sulfuric acid as electrolyte, and silicate is environmentally friendly.

Technical Characteristics of Silica Gel Salt Sealed Battery

1. Rare earth grid alloys: The use of specially developed lead-rare earth alloys enhances the mechanical, chemical and conductive properties of the plates, greatly improves the deep cycle life of batteries, and the acceptance capability of charging is very superior to that of traditional alloying processes, which can significantly accelerate the ion migration rate, especially in the process of high current discharge.

2. Pestle-like high-efficiency active substances: The utilization of active substances such as graphene pestle, carbon fibers and lead sulfate seeds in the United States has been greatly improved by using self-innovative active substance formulations and various new high-efficiency materials. Compared with conventional capacity, the battery capacity has been increased by 35% and its cycle life has been prolonged by more than 50%. Its high/low temperature performance is excellent. The battery has a high temperature environment at 85 C and a low temperature ring at -55 C. It can work normally in the environment, and the achievements of this technology have been recognized and affirmed by many authoritative experts in the industry.

3. Nano-silica gel electrolyte: The characteristics of nano-silica gel electrolyte prepared by direct dispersion method are as follows:

1. The specific gravity of electrolyte with uniform particle size can be precisely controlled.

2. The stability of molecular structure is not affected by environmental changes.

3. It can neutralize or decompose the impurities in the plate to reduce the internal resistance.

4. Environmentally friendly non-polluting liquid silicon and nano-rare salts are neutral and weak alkaline substances, which are pioneered in China and have successfully applied for national invention patents with absolute independent intellectual property rights to ensure the normal chemical reaction needs of electrode plates, and to reduce the PH value of sulfuric acid as much as possible to avoid electrolyte stratification. After the termination of the battery life, the interior of the battery is neutral or weak alkaline. Many indicators are obviously higher than the most commonly used preparation process in the industry.

4. Inner formation of raw milk board: This process is the first one in the industry that has applied for a national patent for invention and practical type. This process well explains the integration of the new materials and technologies mentioned above. It overturns the traditional production technology and technology of lead-acid batteries. It has the following characteristics:

1. The low temperature rise and internal resistance during the formation process greatly promoted the conversion of tribasic lead sulfate by 2-3 orders of magnitude, changed the network crystal structure of lead dioxide, improved the utilization rate of active substances, and effectively increased the capacity of the battery. 2. A protective film is formed automatically after the plate is added with liquid. This material can effectively impede sulfuric acid corrosion on the grid and accelerate ion traction. The appearance of this material radically changes the problems of grid corrosion and ion traction of lead-acid batteries and ensures the real long-life batteries.

3. The voltage produced by acid-free fog of batteries internalized from raw milk boards is stable and consistent. The activation capacity of active substances keeps rising in the early stage, the medium-term curve is stable, and the decay is slow in the later stage.

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