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Key points of photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses construction

一. advantages of agriculture-light complementary projects

Advantages of land use: photovoltaic power generation on the shed, ecological cultivation and planting under the shed, improving the comprehensive utilization rate of land.

Energy-saving advantage: part of the photovoltaic power generation can be consumed locally, reducing the loss on the power line.

Economic benefit advantage: can apply for agricultural support funds, photovoltaic can enjoy renewable energy price subsidies.

Employment advantage: it can provide second employment opportunity for land-lost farmers and increase their income.

Access advantage: the national energy administration has incorporated photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses into the distributed project management, and implemented the benchmark electricity price of photovoltaic power stations, which is a favorable policy for project filing and grid access.

Advantages of photovoltaic poverty alleviation: the national poverty alleviation office requires all localities to adapt measures to local conditions and use barren hills and slopes, agricultural greenhouses or facility agriculture in poverty-stricken areas to build photovoltaic power stations to directly increase the income of the poor population.

Advantages of project site selection: the land demand for ground power stations is high, and the sites can only be selected on barren hills, barren slopes, beaches and other unused land. The complex terrain and poor geological conditions make the construction of power stations difficult.Agri-optical complementary projects can use common farmland to achieve the construction of photovoltaic power stations without changing the nature of land use.

二. Typical agricultural greenhouses of agriculture-light complementary projects

For the agricultural facilities and power stations, the first thing is to clarify the nature of the land, which determines the shape of the agricultural canopy.The 2nd it is to want to undertake effective communication with investor, the proposal should have the participation of agricultural team, understand the need of owner.Third, the current land is increasingly tight, it is recommended to have agriculture before photovoltaic, to ensure the effective use of land.

At present, shijiazhuang gaocheng has been built agricultural photovoltaic projects, the above photovoltaic greenhouses have been involved.

三. Particularity of agriculture-light complementary project design

1. Requirements on the selection and arrangement of photovoltaic modules

The lighting requirements of crops in the greenhouse should be fully considered to meet the light transmittance required for the growth of crops, and the influence of different arrangements on the light in the greenhouse should be considered.

2. Requirements for photovoltaic system equipment

The selection of photovoltaic modules, junction boxes, cables, Bridges and bus boxes should take into account the influence of high humidity environment in the greenhouse.

3. Special installation inclination of components

The inclination Angle of the front roof should be selected according to the construction code of solar greenhouse, if the components are installed on the front roof, which is also the roof of the greenhouse, the inclination Angle should be determined after technical and economic comparison by taking into account factors such as the amount of steel used in the greenhouse, the temperature, humidity and power generation in the greenhouse.

4. Particularity of general layout design

Besides considering the reasonable demand of power generation process, the general layout should also pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of agricultural production process, the realization of sightseeing, tourism and demonstration functions, and the overall consideration of functional area division, road planning, human flow and logistics organization.

四. Design of agricultural ancillary facilities for agriculture-optical complementary projects

In the design of agricultural photovoltaic facilities, attention should be paid to the combination with agricultural facilities. It is recommended not to carry out secondary construction and design, which will involve some equipment and facilities of dropper, ventilation, insect catching and lighting and heating.

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