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Which roofs are suitable for photovoltaic power stations?

Which locations are suitable for the installation of distributed photovoltaic power generation systems?

Answer: 1) industrial plant: especially in the factory with large electricity consumption and high online electricity price, the roof area of the plant is usually large, and the roof is open and flat, suitable for the installation of photovoltaic array;At the same time, due to the large power load, distributed photovoltaic power generation can be consumed locally to offset part of the electricity purchased online, thus saving users' electricity bills.

2) commercial buildings: similar to industrial parks.The difference is that most commercial buildings have cement roofs, which are more conducive to installing photovoltaic arrays.But often have a requirement to building beautiful sex.According to the characteristics of commercial buildings, office buildings, hotels, conference centers, resorts and other service industries, the user load characteristics are generally higher during the day and lower at night, which can better match the characteristics of photovoltaic power generation.

3) agricultural facilities: there are a large number of available roofs in rural areas, including the roofs of private houses, vegetable greenhouses and fish ponds, etc. Rural areas are often at the end of the public power grid and have poor power quality. The construction of a distributed photovoltaic system in rural areas can improve the electricity guarantee rate and power quality.

4) municipal and other public buildings: due to unified management standards, relatively reliable user loads and commercial behaviors, and high installation enthusiasm, municipal and other public buildings are also suitable for centralized continuous construction of distributed photovoltaic;

5) remote agricultural and pastoral areas and islands: due to the distance from the power grid, there are still millions of people without electricity in remote agricultural and pastoral areas and coastal islands in Tibet, qinghai, xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, gansu, sichuan and other provinces. Off-grid photovoltaic system or photovoltaic and other energy complementary micro grid power generation system are very suitable for application in these areas.

What kind of building roof is suitable for the installation of distributed photovoltaic power generation system?

Answer: at present, domestic building roofing can be divided into slope roof, flat roof and irregular structure roof.In principle, photovoltaic system can be installed on any form of roof, but when selecting specific installation site, the slope roof installation should pay attention to match the slope and direction of the roof with the best installation inclination of the module array.The installation of irregular roof should be considered to ensure the efficiency of power generation without affecting the artistic effect of the building.In addition, roof distributed photovoltaic power generation system installation should also pay attention to building safety, construction safety and grid convenience, maintenance needs compliance and other aspects.

Building safety: calculate the carrying capacity of the building roof, and design and install the photovoltaic system if the requirements are met;

Construction convenience: capable of construction, the construction surface has the construction conditions;Convenient for construction, construction materials, personnel, equipment (machinery) access;

Grid-connected convenience: can be nearby grid-connected, on-site absorption capacity;

Maintainability of building roof: open without shielding to reduce shielding;Should avoid air-conditioning cooling units, ventilation lines, water tanks and other existing facilities;Reserved detection channel;Comply with related building appearance requirements.

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